The Closet: Studio Complex with Central Saint Martins, Tate Exchange


Site: 5th Floor Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern

The Closet workshop was developed by Genevieve Strong and Eden Clark from the Thinking Through the Body group collaboration. They participated in Tate Modern's Tate Exchange in January 2018 with a newly developed take on the project. Feedback received after the Drag Dress Up Box was taken on board to ensure that the experience, rechristened as The Closet, would be inclusive of all body types, ages and cultures. While the installation had previously been enclosed, the duo created an open installation space for audiences to move through with ease. The costumes, fabrics and accessories could be wrapped, stuck or pulled onto the body, and a photo booth allowed participants to take selfiesIn drag persona, Gen and Femmi Nancy encouraged the audience to experiment with the costumes and props available to discover their true alter-egos.