Two interventions based in the site of King's Cross around Granary Square. Both works respond to the gentrification, privatisation and social constructs of the area through land art. They have been installed by hand as a performance given by the artist. Both works were forcibly removed by King's Cross maintenance staff. The first time permission had not been given by the owners of the space, the second time it was granted beforehand and yet the work was still removed.

Spillage was a student run exhibition in the Window Galleries of Central Saint Martin's in February 2018, aimed at breaking the boundaries between the display 

space and the public space beyond the glass. The intervention, Totem, was installed for roughly 10 minutes before staff removed it.

Mandala was part of a group of works responding to, and installed in, Lewis Cubitt Park in King's Cross in April 2016. The intervention was installed on site for roughly an hour before being removed.

Both interventions were developed specifically for exhibitions and responded directly to the sites. Genevieve's land art project is ongoing.