Spillage Exhibition

An interactive spillage of actions, objects, performances and events within and around the Window Galleries of Central Saint Martins, 1 Granary Square, London.


My site specific intervention included the painting Totem (2m x 2m, henna on calico) and a performance.


Starting inside the display space, I scattered compost in lines coming out from Totem to continue the henna lines on the canvas surface. These lines stretch out of the confines of the rectangular canvas and, further still, beyond the barrier of the display space. I continued these lines into the public space beyond the Window Galleries.

Symbology is universal. This installation / performance attempted to breakdown the barrier between the personal and the collective, the internal and the external, the private and the public. 

What made this site so interesting to work in is that the "public space" is privately owned by King's Cross. No longer than 10 minutes after I had finished my performance did a team of maintenance staff clean it away.

The Closet: Studio Complex with Central Saint Martins, Tate Exchange

An interactive installation with performance from myself and Eden Clark.

Site: 5th Floor Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern

The installation was designed to be an intimate space for self-expression. It included a rail of costumes, fabrics and accessories, a table of wigs and props, and a photo booth with sound system for music. We invited the audience to dress up in the costumes and props available and dance around with us to discover their true alter-egos.

Joining me in drag was Femmi Nancy (angry feminist and queen):


Drag personas for The Closet. (Left: Gen Strong, right: Femmi Nancy)