Crochet Cunts

Handmade with DMC crochet yarn

Roughly 3.5 x 6 x 1cm 


Ink and acrylic on 350gsm watercolour paper

297mm x 420mm


Digital text

Included in research book "Fuck the Gender Police: Unregulated Bodies", Hypermigrationculture exhibition, Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna, Austria.

Queer Femme

Digital text

Included in research book "Fuck the Gender Police: Unregulated Bodies", Hypermigrationculture exhibition, Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna, Austria.

Fuck the Gender Police: Unregulated Bodies

A research book (March-June 2017)

Exhibited at Hypermigrationculture, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria.

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Digital Drawing


A depiction of sexual fluidity and the non-binary gender. Based on the original Sheela Na Gig figure (below). The circle of Sheela's represent the eternal, the internal and the external, the psychological and the physical, and the unending evolution of sexual identity.

Drag Dress Up Box

A collaboration, "Thinking Through The Body", which included an event, performance and interactive installation.

Site: The Street, Central Saint Martins, London

Details from Drag Dress Up Box

Wigs & costumes, painted dust sheet, painted dust sheet, painted placards, painted dust sheet, drawn alter-ego portraits

Construction of the Drag Dress Up Box installation and placards

Drag Dress Up Box: Documentation of the  event

Photos by Bess Chan (

The Drag Dress Up Box concluded in an interactive installation with performative elements. It utilised audience participation, video, audio, painting, drawing and performance. We developed the project through a preceding dress-up event which is documented above.

The group used this initial "bonding session" of dressing-up and gender-bending as material for The Box installation. Footage of the session as well as props, makeup, costumes and drawings were placed within the Box space for audience members to experiment with.

The Box was a judgement-free, intimate space for all identities to play with the deconstruction of gender. The audience were encouraged by performers to put on costumes, wigs and any other props available to them to create an alter-ego identity.

Drag Dress Up Box (Bonding Session footage)

Filmed and edited by Milly Chester.

The bonding-session was a group event. Each individual created an alter-ego persona through a process of group gender deconstruction and reconstruction. The group also created alter-ego drawings to display within the Box installation. This footage was also projected within the Box for the audience to view while participating.

Running Time: 1:11 min

Ceramic Vulva Bowls [pre-glaze]

7 ceramic bowls


Black and metallic gold embroidery silks on cross-stitch fabric

30cm x 70cm on frame

Tapestry details

Embroidery silks on cross-stitch fabric

30cm x 70cm on frame

Sheela Na Gig

Linoleum print on 350gsm printmaking paper

7" x 9"

The Sheela Na Gig is a Pagan design popularly used in medieval castles and churches. It is usually placed over doorways and windows to ward of evil magic. Many researchers disagree about the true meaning of the design. I agree with the assumption that it reflects a positive attitude towards female sexuality.

The border reads "The vulva is the primordial gate. The divide between non-life and life", quoted from Witch On The Wall: Medieval Erotic Sculpture in the British Isles by Jorgen Andersen.

Beneath are the various names used to identify the mysterious figure.