Still from Collaborative Performance with Asher Fynn.

Year of production: 2023. Running Time: 2:30 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Performance in collaboration with Asher Fynn (Footage)

A performative response to my work, Totem, incorporating sounds art and light projection.

Running Time: 3:03 min


1.8m x 2.1m

Henna on calico

Henna is an organic pigment associated with female traditions; hair dying, decorating hands and feet for weddings, bonding activities. The wet pigment was rubbed onto the fabric using hands in a manner suggestive of cave paintings. Once one half of the image had been applied, the other side of the fabric was folded over it so as to print in symmetry, creating a perfectly divine shape.

“Totem” is a universal symbol, informed by gender, religion, science and nature: Circles and lines which give the impression of gendered body parts; The occult, magic practices and shamanistic rituals; Light refraction and the solar system; The shape of the earth, the sun, the elements. Totem represents the infinite connection between each of these subjects.

It’s effect is to trigger personal internal responses to an otherwise universal language. How do we consciously or unconsciously respond to symbology? How does our individual/collective identity inform this? This installation attempts to break down the barrier between the personal and the universal, the internal and the external.

Enlightenment [Henna Print]

0.9m x 1m

Henna on calico

World View [Henna Print]

0.9m x 1m

Henna on calico

Male Symbol [Compost Print]

0.9m x 1m

Compost on calico

Universe [Compost Print]

0.9m x 1m

Compost on calico

Compost Mandala Intervention in Lewis Cubitt Park, King's Cross

Roughly 1m radius


An intervention within the privately own space of Lewis Cubitt Park, King's Cross. Shortly after installing the mandala I was asked to remove it by the site maintenance. I was not given a satisfactory reason for this: "The landscapers won't like it". The action of creating and deconstructing my work only strengthened it's reference to impermanence while highlighting the constraining artificiality of privatisation.

I have re-interpreted this intervention as a conversation between myself and the maintenance staff (and higher powers) of King's Cross.

Universal Poem

594cm x 841cm

Digital print

"What is essential is invisible to the eye", collaboration with Danni Millin

[Right] Hand-drawn Braille message, ink on paper 

[Left] Digital print on paper

Red & Yellow Tulips

296mm x 370mm

Brusho on watercolour paper

Faded Tulips

218mm x 378mm

Brusho on watercolour paper

Pink & Yellow Tulips

219mm x 412mm

Brusho on watercolour paper