Project 3

Free Tibet: Self-Immolation

Plaster, wire netting, cotton fabric

Wooden prayer beads, Tibetan prayer flags, wall hanging

Free Tibet: Self-Immolation (Footage)

This was produced alongside an installation for my project on Tibet. Its aim is to inform people of the human rights crisis currently ongoing. 

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Original footage recorded in a Tibetan monastery in India. The flaming figure was constructed from mod roc, wire mesh and wood.

Running Time: 1:24 min

Running Time: 1:25 min

Nestle Gingerbread House (Hansel & Gretel)

Sugary foodstuff, packaging and plastic toy soldiers

Self Portrait

44cm x 40.5cm

Pencil, brusho and ink on watercolour paper

This Place

297mm x 420mm

Pencil and brusho on paper

Ferris Wheel


Golden Gate Bridge

Street Fashion

The City Breathes

Light Projection Body Art photography

Life in the City

Digital layering

Young Monk

Pencil drawing